How to avoid oranges when you are shopping for apples.

We all do it but don’t like to admit it. So let’s do an exercise to relieve the burden we are carrying. Repeat after me. “Hello, my name is, [state your name] and I shop prices.” Now don’t we all feel better? When I started thinking and researching for this article, I started watching my own shopping habits more. Oh, baby, I am a price-shop-a-holic! Tooth brushes, fruit, carpet, light bulbs, hair product, sheets, hotels, parts for my car…..wait? Did a car guy just say he shopped prices on car part prices? Yes, yes, I did! But that is great for me and you because i want the best quality for the best price. Let’s talk about shopping for great service and quality parts. I have some good suggestions to help you be informed. When we are for shopping service repair work we need to start off with a good foundation. This means we ask a friend, family member, or our best friend GOOGLE. Now that we have read what someone posted it might be on a forum out there on the interweb, w ... read more


Car Talk

Dating Your Mechanic

Let’s be honest about auto repair… wait honesty and auto repair belong in the same sentence? Yes, they can. I have been around the Automotive business for years. I am still blown away when I hear the horror stories that our customers come in and tell us about previous experience at other facilities. It all starts with you. You have to be responsible to know the questions and answers of what kind of Auto Repair facility are you looking for? Are you looking for cheap repairs, knowledgeable staff, community driven companies, specialist, clean facility, honest advise, and the list can go on. Let me give my Top Ten requirements for Automotive Repair Facilities. (Remember you gauge the quality of any repair facility by these three words; Site, Staff, and Service.) Accessibility. The facility has to be accessible and safe. Do they have a parking lot? Can you find a place to park? Do they have signs on the building or at th ... read more


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